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Let your fitting become a piece of jewellery with a PVD coating.

Rose gold, bronze, brass or black – set accents with PVD-coated fittings. In addition to brilliant colour intensity, the PVD coating shines with excellent scratch and wear resistance. These fittings are guaranteed to attract every eye!



With our PVD surfaces you can adapt your fittings perfectly to your interior style. The PVD surfaces are available in matt and glossy finishes.

Standard colours

We offer the HAFI PVD surface in five standard colours:

Stainless steel

PVD Gold

PVD Bronze

PVD Black



Exquisite and noble through materials and surfaces such as stainless steel in various surface colours, velvet, stucco and real wood. The glamour style is inspired by pompous royal houses and often incorporates elements from the baroque era.

HAFI Modell 248 Design by Jean-Michel Wilmotte

The HAFI Model 248 is perfect for the glamorous style of living and was designed by Jean-Michel Wilmotte, an international architect and designer, for the luxury hotel Lutetia in Paris, among others.