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Premium Design

Individuality in highest quality – that’s what our heart beats for!

HAFI supports its customers with conception, design, prototype construction and complete object delivery. We let our customers’ designs become reality and authentic products of durable design are created. Individuality in highest quality is our passion.

In recent years we have been able to develop unique door handle collections with leading architects and designers and we are looking forward to future projects.



For outstanding design, HAFI Model 244, designed by Ben van Berkel/UNStudio, received a Special Award in the category “Excellent Product Design Building and Elements” at the German Design Awards.
Inspired by the towers of the FOUR, the design of the handles was translated into constructive bodies through the curvatures of the towers and transformed into functional and ergonomic surfaces.

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„The design concept of the door handle 212 is based on the idea of an extremely timeless and logical geometry fitted with a design characteristic which ensures comfortable ergonomics and also represents a subtle sculptural effect that is only noticed on second glance. The character of the design is not ostensible and intrusive, but is instead very cleanly structured, yet still surprising.” Christian Schwamkrug | Design Director Studio F. A. Porsche

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Design 311 – by Studio F. A. Porsche

„The design concept of the door handle 311 combines elegance with modernity, which in harmonious fusion are creating a haptic experience. The design is based on a discreet, geometric shape which pursues the natural position of the thumb thanks to a flowing curve. As enhancing element, the door handle has a highly polished surrounding chamfer. This detail formulates the quality and precision that define the unique selling properties of the design.” Christian Schwamkrug | Design Director Studio F. A. Porsche

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Design 233 – by Coop Himmelb(l)au

The COOP HIMMELB(L)AU door handle series reflects the company’s approach to contemporary architecture. The elegant lines combine functionality and aesthetics into one dynamic, ergonomic shape. The door handle is very versatile and also meets the criteria for emergency exit doors according to the DIN EN 179 standard.

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Design 243 – by Jean-Michel Wilmotte

The HAFI Design 243, created by Jean-Michel Wilmotte, enables individual design options in cooperation with the architect.
The use of two colours and of satin and polished surfaces in conjunction with the warm, pleasant haptics enhances the modern design of the door handle.


Design 247 – by AIA Life Designers

The door handle design 247 that was developed in partnership with HAFI is unique with regard to its ergonomics and its comfort, and the sensuality of the lines leads to smoothness on contact with the hand. The ascending profile line gives the door handle the appearance of a bird’s wing, elongated and smooth at the same time.

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Jean-Michel Wilmotte is an internationally renowned French architect and designer. He underscores the high standards he sets for his work with a sophistication down to the smallest detail and a constant search for quality. Design 248 was specially designed and realized for the luxury hotel Lutetia in Paris.

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Design 241 – by Bastian Scholz

The guiding principle of the formation of the concept was to design an everyday object that is not too obvious, but is haptically and optically attractive. To design a handle whose cranked variant does not represent a unique feature of the series, but is understood as part of the family. The design of the handle family is composed in a simple, elementary form and is at the same time multifaceted, depending on the perspective and angle.

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