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HAFI Beschläge GmbH

At HAFI, we form Stainless Steel.

Motivated people create unique products every day.

Highly qualified and long-standing employees, efficient customer orientated processes, high-quality products – these are the essential modules that have led HAFI to steady growth since its foundation in 1978. Over the years, HAFI has developed into one of the leading companies for interdisciplinary objects fittings in Europe. We serve a great number of national and international customers from various industries.

Our Strenght: As an owner-leaded, medium-sized and future-oriented company, we care for  short decision-making paths. We focus on meeting the needs and requirements of our customers and thus to ensure the best possible customer satisfaction.


Company key figures


HAFI Beschläge GmbH

Foundation | 01.01.1978

Founder |  Hans Fink

Chief Executive Officers | René Fink und Jochen Maier

Head Office | Weißinger Straße 16 | 89275 Elchingen

Employees  | 70

Corporate values

Fair Conduct

We conduct ourselves with tolerance, respect and appreciation. As a service provider, we pay mutual attention to our personal and cultural diversity.

We trust one another and always put ourselves in the other person’s position in order to understand him or her. We assess decisions in good faith with the company’s success in mind and bring about changes quickly and with sound judgement. We extend our loyalty to companies, colleagues and customers.

Open Communication

In order to achieve maximum transparency, we inform our employees promptly, reliably and officially and, furthermore, we endeavour to communicate both internally and externally by establishing a direct dialogue.

Customer Focus

We constantly offer new incentives to our customers which are a great success and can be instrumental in their placing further orders with us. We supply our customers with what he/she needs and show the measurable added value, for example, with savings on investments and/or follow-up costs, prevention of additional costs, the shortening of deadlines, etc.

Further incentives include architecture, quality and the good overall impression made by the objects of reference. We negotiate our services simply and clearly. We take over responsibility for the project, provide our customers with the essential safety and security. We guarantee success through our professional service. If the customer is unhappy with any of our services we react immediately and quickly search for effective solutions. Mistakes or oversights by those involved in the project are rectified as quickly as possible.