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GRIFFNER Floating House | Design by Studio F.A. Porsche

GRIFFNER Floating House | Design by Studio F.A. Porsche
GRIFFNER is now presenting a new prefabricated house that is considered a masterpiece of functional home design. The GRIFFNER Floating House was designed by the internationally renowned Studio F. A. Porsche and will only be sold worldwide in an exclusive edition. Like all GRIFFNER prefabricated houses, the Floating House stands for sustainable construction with wood, healthy living and the best building biology.

The two-storey prefabricated house impresses with its striking design elements: The ground floor is surrounded by continuous façade strips and black glass tiles, which give the prefabricated house a floating appearance. The room height inside is an impressive 5.85 metres. The prefabricated house not only impresses with its unique design elements, but also with its technical innovations: The floor-to-ceiling windows are already integrated into the walls at the GRIFFNER factory and the entrance to the prefabricated house is an imposing 1.70 metre wide and 2.64 metre high entrance door with an asymmetrical pivot point. A cantilevered staircase connects the two storeys inside.

HAFI Premium Design 311 | Design by Studio F.A. Porsche
The GRIFFNER Floating House at the company’s site in Griffen, Austria, is equipped with the HAFI Premium Design 311 and was also designed by Studio F. A. Porsche. The elegant yet modern HAFI Premium Design 311 is the ideal counterpart to the GRIFFNER Floating House. It can be found throughout the rooms of the prefabricated house, for example on wooden doors and windows, thus creating a common thread for a consistent, individual interior design of the highest standard.

The polished design edge and the satinised, glass bead blasted surface give the HAFI Premium Design its unique character. With a rosette height of just 4 mm, the design blends harmoniously with the door.

“The design concept of the Design 311 door fitting combines elegance and modernity in a harmonious fusion that creates a tactile experience. The design is based on a simple geometric shape that follows the natural position of the thumb by means of a flowing curve. As a complementary element, the lever handle has an all-round bevelled edge polished to a high gloss. This detail expresses the quality and precision that define the unique selling point of the design.”

Christian Schwamkrug
Design Director Studio F. A. Porsche

The HAFI Premium Design 311 collection is available in various finishes, including satin-finish stainless steel, rose gold, satin-finish bronze, satin-finish black and satin-finish gold.

A perfect combination of two design worlds
The GRIFFNER Floating House and the HAFI Premium Design 311 unite the highest standards of architecture, design and quality and form the ideal combination for exclusive real estate projects!

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Pictures © GRIFFNER/Jorj Konstantinov