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Flush Line Premium Design 247 on rosette 870

Design by AIA Life Designers

Maintenance-free stainless steel pivot-mounted door handle set. 200.000 movement cycles with spring preload according certificate.
Quick mounting by the “Push-Click”-function, optionally also suitable for flush mounting in the door leaf.
Surface brushed matt with stainless steel sub-construction.

free movement< 0,5 mm
free angular movement < 0,5 mm

Classification key according to DIN EN 1906

4 7 B 1 4 0 B


Design 247

Designing a door handle means giving value to the gesture and body movement in an architectural environment; it means creating a physical relationship between the person and the building, thus finalising the architectural design. It is certainly a well-designed object according to its use, but it is also a well-designed object in terms of its tactile and tangible physical relationship.
Developed in partnership with HAFI, the Design 247 lever handle is unique in terms of its ergonomics and comfort, and the sensuality of its lines creates a softness to the touch. The ascending profile line gives the lever handle the appearance of a bird’s wing, stretched and gentle at the same time.
Its angle of inclination encourages the natural movement of the hand and its design facilitates its gentle operation. Perhaps opening a door means awakening an emotion.

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Premium Design 247 | 870 datasheet