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Electronic cylinder

The specially developed PROTECT security lock may be used with either a purely mechanical cylinder or with an electronic cylinder, which doesn’t need to be wired.

Amok prevention

There exists no overall-integrated defense and protection system to counter these situations of extreme danger.
Damage can be only limited or even averted, if several preventive measures intermesh reliably.

The controlled functioning of a door is a significant step in providing protection against running amok and other
dangerous situations and, in the special case of schools, these are predominantly classroom doors.

Functional solution for the door

HAFI has started a joint cooperation with the company SAG Schulte-Schlagbaum to develop a hardware unit which guarantees the following
protective functions

  • Any endangered person can immediately lock the door manually from inside.
  • The specially developed classroom lock blocks the outside lever and is additionally secured using the blocking-latch-function.
  • The door can be operated at all times from inside to outside (e.g. in case of evacuation).
  • Even if individual persons leave the classroom, the lock mechanism remains active.
  • Persons with key authorization can open the door from outside at all times.

Some downloads are available here. To open some files you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download here.

HAFI Protect datasheet