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The Omniturm combine working, living and public life in a new whole. A special feature is the so-called „Hip swing“ at half-height of the building. The spiral movement of the axes from the center allows terraces for the living area, which is located between the 16th and 22nd floors. In the largest shift is located the so-called "residential" area which is schifted by more than 5 meters to the baseline. On the 45 floors with a total of 54,100 square meters, there are 33 floors with 44,200 square meters for office use, 8 floors with 147 apartments on a total of 8,200 square meters and 2 floors with public areas and approx. 1,700 square meters.
It is the first high-rise of its kind in Germany. The highly transparent glass and metal façade of the 190 meter high building stands for openness and accessibility. The immediately eye-catching residential floors slide out of the vertical axis. This creates open terraces with a magnificent view of the city and its surroundings. Even from the ground, from the open plaza, an impressive perspective unfolds when looking upwards. A different impression is created from every angle. The OMNITURM turns towards the city. It is a symbol and platform for a new way of working and living.

Pictures © Tishman Speyer

Public Line plain doors 224

Public Line window handle 203

Architect Bjarke Ingels Group: BIG
Year 2019