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Renovation of Dortmund City Hall: HAFI sets accents

Renovation of Dortmund City Hall
Dortmund’s town hall on Friedensplatz was reopened in March 2024 after three years of refurbishment. Built between 1987 and 1989, the town hall was in need of extensive modernisation after around 30 years of intensive use. The refurbishment included both the building envelope and the interior, taking into account technical and energy aspects in order to bring the building up to date. What remains is the imposing citizens’ hall, which is spanned by a glass dome.

The architectural firm SCHOEPS & SCHLÜTER from Münster played a key role in the remodelling of the town hall as general planner. Thanks to their expertise, the building is now a modern and functional centre that meets today’s requirements.

High-quality HAFI fittings set accents
The doors of Dortmund City Hall were also upgraded as part of the refurbishment. They are fitted with HAFI Design 202 in polished brass PVD and matt stainless steel finishes. The brass-coloured fittings with a polished look lend the doors of the town hall a special elegance. In addition to the visual finish, the PVD coating from HAFI also offers a high level of wear protection and increased resistance. Particular attention was paid to ensuring that the hardware used fulfils the normative requirements for fire and smoke protection doors in accordance with DIN 18273 and emergency exit locks in accordance with DIN EN 179. The combination of functionality and design makes the certified HAFI fittings the ideal choice for public buildings such as Dortmund Town Hall.

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