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An innovative building complex has been created in Stuttgart city centre. The building is particularly striking due to its intensively greened façade. More than 82 trees, including black pine, English oak, Swedish service tree, hornbeam and gleditsia, create a varied and rich roofscape, each with its own unique character on the individual floors. The newly planted trees reach a height of up to ten metres. In the coming years, they may reach a crown height of up to twelve metres.

HAFI fitted out the office and residential building with Design 203 and Design 224.

Architect: ingenhoven associates gmbh

Pictures © Kilian Bishop

Public Line plain doors 203

Public Line plain doors 224

Public Line frame doors 324

Door stop Design 985

Wall-mounted door stop Design 975

Architect ingenhoven associates gmbh
Companies involved Konzern Versicherungskammer
Year 2022