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It`s time for colour!

With the SoftTouch surfaces – Made in Germany – we not only add colour to the daily stainless steel experience, we also add a touch & feel element. The SoftTouch surface, with its irresistible matte finish, seems to invite you touch it.
It feels good in your hand with its exceptionally soft and warm surface, providing a definite feel-good factor.



In addition to the wow-effect that comes with touching it, the SoftTouch finish conveys very high value and can be adapted to all interior designs with custom colour selection.

Standard colours

The HAFI SoftTouch surface is available in five standard colours:

SoftTouch Black

SoftTouch Grey

SoftTouch Nightblue

SoftTouch Red

SoftTouch White

Colour it! – More colour shades on request


Inside WOW outside OHO!


Our SoftTouch pushers not only look great and feel velvety soft in the hand, but also convince with inner values:
The lever handle itself is made of stainless steel and can therefore also be used as a fire protection set.

With our SoftTouch surfaces you can give free rein to your creativity & are technically in no way inferior! You can design each of our lever handles with the colour of your choice and integrate the fittings into your interior style.


Colour Highlight

Colourfulness! A clean concrete look is broken up by a colour highlight.
Accessories in the same bright colours skilfully loosen up the cool atmosphere and attract attention.

HAFI Model 228

Angular and special, the HAFI Model 228 with its tapered shape functions perfectly as a colour highlight.
The somewhat stricter form is defused by a velvety soft SoftTouch surface and looks very modern yet timeless.